About Rose & Pacific

Rose & Pacific specializes in digital media and influencer collaborations. We help influencers navigate the complicated world of deal-making and revenue growth so they can focus on doing what they do best: creating engaging and inspiring content.

Similarly, we work with brands of all sizes to craft engaging and effective influencer campaigns that build brand loyalty and product awareness among loyal and receptive fans. We value creativity above all else and utilize analytics to help inform our decisions, not drive them. 

We create industry leading campaigns across the beauty and lifestyle sectors globally. We specialize in the US and Middle East markets, working with foreign brands looking to boost their brand among these very discerning audiences. 

Rose & Pacific is a boutique influencer agency with our headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and a presence in Los Angeles, CA. We handle deals locally, regionally, and globally. We have extensive experience working with beauty, lifestyle, retail and hospitality brands across the globe. 




Founded by Kristin Wong-Ward

                              Kristin Wong-Ward                           Founder, Rose & Pacific

Kristin Wong-Ward is the founder of Rose & Pacific. She has been working with digital media on a global level for nearly a decade and pioneered some innovative campaigns with the worlds leading companies like: Google, IBM, YouTube, Hewlett Packard, Seventh Generation, The Dr. Seuss Estate, IHOP, The National Forrest Service and Target . Before moving to Dubai, Kristin was a feature film and television executive in Los Angeles, California. She contributed to the story development, production, and marketing departments of one of the most successful film companies in Hollywood and built its digital division. She worked on films including Despicable Me, Hop, The Lorax, and Despicable Me 2, which have earned more than US$2 billion globally. Previously, Kristin worked at an A-list talent management firm, packaging and producing film and TV projects for all the major studios and production companies. She also produces television and digital content in Dubai.

Kristin maintains relationships in Los Angeles with the major studios, production and new media companies, and retail brands, providing a strong bridge between Hollywood and the growing entertainment sector in Dubai.

Kristin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles. She speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.


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